What is Lilac Marble?

Lilac Marble Technical Specifications

What is Lilac Marble?

Lilac marble, which draws attention with its name and its unique appearance, has domestic production and extremely ideal Muğla marble prices and quality. It is one of the most widely used boutique marble types both at home and abroad. It is mostly mined in the mines located around Muğla. This marble, which is carefully mined, is also a marble that is meticulously approached in its processing. The buyers of the lilac marble, which is originally from Turkey, are also quite strong. The production of marble, which is mostly exported to the Far East and Arab countries, is increasing gradually. This marble type, which stands out with its color and pattern difference and is the focus of taste, is becoming more and more demanded every day. Lilac marbles, which attract the attention of architects and designers, have a natural stone segment. Its structure is rough, but it is processed very easily. It should be said that lilac marbles, whose usage areas are also expanding, are rare. For this reason, it is considered one of the most valuable types of marble.

Lilac Marble Technical Specifications

Lilac marble, which attracts attention with its physical and technical features, has a light lilac color tone as its name suggests. This marble, which is suitable for use in many areas, is natural. It is used harmoniously in all decorative areas. Its floor is a white calcite marble, but the patterns on it have light gray and lilac color tones. The veins of this marble, which appear in harmony with its base and patterns, have a woody morphology. Lilac marbles, which are very aesthetic when you look at them, are suitable for use in all areas. Depending on the selected dimensions and usage areas, Muğla marble prices may also vary. Its technical features are directly proportional to its physical features. Its hardness is 3 mohs. Its mass unit volume is 2.72 and its density is 2.74. The compressive strength of this marble, which has a pore appearance of 0.2%, is 1019 kgf. It is resistant to all weather conditions. Therefore, it can be used easily in every region in accordance with the climate. The impact strength of the marble is 23 kg, and the bending strength of the marble is 141 kgf.

Lilac Marble Usage Areas

Lilac marble, which is very suitable for choice with its prices and magnificence, is suitable for use in all areas from bathrooms to kitchens. It can be used in narrow covering areas, indoor and outdoor spaces, luxury residences and villas, hotel designs, living and bedroom rooms, places with a large covering area, fireplace coverings, walls, deep decor areas and all the design designs you can think of. The most important reason for having such a wide usage advantage is that it is resistant to all weather conditions and ambient temperatures. Lilac marbles, which are used in the detail parts of decorative products as well as floors, have a luxurious and quite elegant atmosphere. In this way, it adds a different ambiance to the areas where it is used, making the views even more beautiful. It has a timeless and very natural texture, it never goes out of fashion. You can get any size you want with Muğla marble prices with easy payment options.

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